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fabricating products to resist water infiltration is what we offer


Our roll-out, peel and stick rubberized asphaltic product is used primarily on flexible pavements to minimize water infiltration into joints and seams; improving long term performance and improved appearance of the flexible pavement.


An effective over-banding asphaltic strip tape that resists water infiltration of a pavement joint quickly and efficiently. No special tools or labor necessary.  Minimal crew members necessary and no down time.  There is no staging or heating of tar kettles on the jobsite.  Joints are sealed in third of time or less, thereby saving on labor and equipment.  Neither crews nor equipment is waiting to for materials to be readied.   Making the job more profitable and far neater than any hot melt applicator can provide.

QuikJoint Vertical Applications

The 8 inch wide material is tested and proven to be an “all in one joint sealer”.  The material is cold tack on the existing vertical cold pavement edge and melts and bonds when the new hot mix is placed alongside the longitudinal joint.  This increases the density of the joint and thereby improves the  resistance to  water infiltration.  


Fabricated flat pads (4 in., 8 in. and 12 in. squares)  The pads are a means of adhering traffic control devices to pavements  when mechanical fasteners are not desired, designed for or acceptable.  The larger pads are designed to cover and stabilize alligatored areas on flexible pavement or for temporary gravel patches.  The  material is a peel, stick and heat installation procedure.

Quik Pave Products, Inc

We have a history of providing customers with a proven roll-out pavement joint over-banding technology. Our products are easily applied, transported, requiring no special  tools and a minimal staff.  These roll out applications improve job safety,  are neat, uniform and there is little waste and  no clean up time.

We continue to introduce new products and advance new ideas to  improve job speed and performance. The owners of Quik Pave Products  Inc., are engaged in paving construction and we and our customers benefit from all the  products offered.