About Us


Quik Pave Products Inc. is owned and operated by paving contractors who have over three decades of experience in blacktop paving, concrete placement and finishing, demolition, excavating and seal coating.

Job experiences have enabled us to become innovators in the area of pavement construction. Our products are a proven roll-out technology. Easily applied and transported with little waste and clean up time.

Guided by our professional experiences as contractors, you can be assured that our products will save you in labor hours, will require less specialized equipment and will reduce many of the hazards that are often associated with some types of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

We believe that quality and value are the keys to jobsite efficiency, long-term durability, and customer satisfaction.

We continue to learn of new ways to use roll-out technologies and will continue to advance new ideas to improve job speed, performance and appearance.

Technical questions, installation details, delivery times and pricing are available by contacting our distributors or Quik Pave Products directly. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Our offices are located in Southwestern, (Cleves), Ohio.