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 Roll-out Sealer Technology for Pavement Joints

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QuikJoint - A Roll Out Joint Sealer

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  • Quickly & Simply:  Peel - Stick - Heat and Your Done sealing the pavement joint.  Using QuikJoint to over-band a pavement joint requires minimal labor and tools.  Neither crews nor equipment have to wait for the sealing materials to heat up. Installation is fast without delay.  There is no over-spill on the jobsite; only a neat and non-tracking finished application.  Find out for yourself - QuikJoint Saves Money and Muscle.
  • QuikJoint is a self-adhering rubberized asphalt strip that is effortlessly installed. By applying heat, QuikJoint melts and forms a permanent bond on asphaltic and concrete pavement surfaces.  The neat, waterproof seal can be immediately opened to traffic or seal-coated where required. Over-banding with QuikJoint is quick and easy, involving no special tools or training.  No mess with minimal clean up.  QuikJoint is an elastic material that resists cracking and is non- tracking

Used by Contractors & DIY


Less Labor  - Speedy Installations - Non Tracking Great Appearance.  Improves Job Safety.  There is no Waste & No Overspill to Clean.  Uses Less Propane.  There is no down time or waiting.  No Staging with Tar Kettles or Pour Pots.  Saves both money & Muscle



QuikHold Pads are fabricated in 4, 8, 12 inch squares.  The pads are applied as a peel - stick - heat method.  QuikHolds are used to anchor safety devices where permanent fasteners are not desired or required.  These elastic pads also work well as a means to stabilize and cover "alligator" areas in flexible pavement or applied over temporary gravel patches.u.